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  • The client wants the site which will help the property owner who is looking to sell their property quickly and easily, and at a great price, this site will help in getting the top value of the property, provides easy process, friendly service with no hidden charges.


  • Property owner can submit property details which he wants to sell
  • Explanation of the process of selling the property, that is what procedure he has to follow
  • Can Enquirer details about the business and the process of selling
  • Can directly chat with the support executive regarding property
  • Can get a free valuation of the property one wants to sell
  • Can connect with the site through social media like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc
  • View the blog posts related to property which helps seller in getting the best outcome
  • Question and answer support,(FAQ)
  • View the price trends
  • Admin section from where admin can edit/update content of all pages



  • This site will help the property owners to sell the property at the best possible price with the least overhead and maximum satisfaction.
  • It will help the property owner to know the best price he can get for his property and also get help in getting any legal issue solved.



  • Application Server:LAMP
  • Programming Language: PHP 5.3.26
  • Framework: jQuery 1.10.2, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Web Server: Apache 2.2.26
  • Operating System: UNIX