Expense Manager APP


    Expense Manager APP


    Development and support.

  • The main objective of this application is tracking records of daily expense and income. This application helps the user to save money from the user's income and achieving goals accordingly. This application helps the user to achieve the goal from the user's savings. Application helps the user to keep track of all income and expenses. Application automatically calculates the user's goal progress and inform to the user that the user can achieve a particular goal by a specific date. User can define category wise budget as per the user's needs and track budget vs expense records.


  • We have created Hybrid mobile app to encourage the user to save money.
  • User can easily make entries of their expense and reoccurred income entries in application by single click.
  • User can add goals and application calculate automatic progress calculation which calculates goal achieve date from the user’s savings (income-expense) so the user will try to save money to achieve goal early.
  • We provide journal/transaction list so the user can check all income can expense and organize by date and category and can see available balance.
  • User can set a monthly budget and divide the budget into the subcategory. User can add income and expense by category so the user can have a better idea that from which category user receiving maximum income and expense it will help the user to set next month’s budget.


  • We have created app and successfully deploying and launch on play store and apple store
  • App received positive feedback from users and register numbers of user in first few weeks after launch.
  • Client seems happy and looking forward to create pro version with additional features.


  • Hybrid App Framework: Ionic Framework
  • Server: Node server
  • Database: MySQL / Offline SQL Lite